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Related article: stand against Holocauste. The Americans have sent us over a clipper in Caiman, whose sire rejoices in the crackjaw name of Locohatahee, and probably the handicapper would place a frac- tional bigger weight upon him than upon our best English per- former, Flying Fox, a son of Orme and Vampire ; not that we are by any means inclined to throw up the sponge against our champion or his half brother Frontier, by Orme out of Quetta. Both these promising colts belong to the Duke of Westminster, and he has not for several years had such a rosy chance of winning another Derby as this year, and wiping out the disappointment which the mysterious mishap to Orme occasioned in his day. Both are good, sound, honest horses, although probably not smashers, as the saying is, and are the most likely ones to com- pete successfully with the mighty Frenchman. The Americans have sent us two other very useful three-year-olds in Myakka and Dominic II., both by Sensation, and of almost equal merit. Galli- nule, whose abode Buy Crixivan is in the Emerald Isle, has fathered some good three-year-olds for the com- ing season, of which Oppressor and Baldoyle are probably the best. The latter has gone into Marsh's stable, as the property of the Duke of Devonshire, where every justice will be done him, and his career will be very inter- esting. Duckwing and St. Moritz, two other sons of Gallinule, may be useful in handicaps. Old Galopin, despite his 28 years, stands out well with St. Gris, a son of Isabel, Galopin Lassie, Galliot, and Guava. St. Gris will be the Rothschild representa- tive on the Derby day, if all goes 1*9.] COMING EVENTS. Generic Crixivan 171 well with him, and he is a very fine colt. Lord Edward II. is a son of Enthusiast, of Sterling descent, that has proved himself a good horse. He is not entered in the Derby, and seems likely to compete in some of the big spring handicaps, but it is asking a young horse a big question to beat older ones at that time of year at a disadvantage in the weights. If kept for the Hunt Cup, he may show to advantage. The sons and daughters of St. Simon do not make such a bold show as usual, although there are several that must be taken note of. They are Desmond, Simon- side, Victoria May, Dismay, Gen- tleman of France, Manners, Boni- face and St. Kenelm. Some of these were very high-priced year- lings, but they last year met their superiors in public on more than one occasion. I fail to see a Derby winner amongst them, although predic- tion on such a matter is dan- gerous. Mark Forward, son of Rightaway, won the Champagne Stakes, at Doncaster, in good style, and is a fine colt. Amurath, a son of Janissary, began well last year, and is, without doubt, a youngster of great merit, although Trident, a son of Ocean Wave, whom I had almost forgotten to mention as another string to the Rothschild bow, is quite his equal, and is almost sure to show to advantage this season. The colt by Kendal out of Maid Marion is that horse's best representative, and made a good debut at Doncaster, but I fail to rind him in the Derby entries. There are also a batch of fillies that we ought to place next. Queen Fairy, a daughter of Oberon ; Musa, a daughter of Martagon ; Mazeppa, a daughter of Wolf Crag ; Fas- cination, a daughter of Royal Hampton ; Musetta, a daughter of St. Angelo, and Santa Casa, a daughter of Bona Vista, that are all high up in point of merit for the coming season— and whilst enumerating the good fillies we must not forget Strike-a-light, Fairy Gold, School Girl and Lady Ogle, the latter a daughter of Raeburn, that took my fancy greatly as a yearling. Chittabob has a useful son in Carlin. Melanion has three promising sons, such as Melampus, Wild Irishman and North Briton, that will uphold his name. Lourdes is responsible for a nice colt in Solennis, and Amphitheatre is a daughter of Amphion, and so is Chloris II. Bend Or is poorly represented this season except by Fairy Gold and Princess Mary, and Ugolino seems to be the best of Sir Hugo's progeny. Common cannot boast of any promising sons or daughters that have been seen in public, but Orvieto has No Trumps, Pisa and Oreo, which might do him credit. Deuce of Clubs seems coming to the front with Deuce of a Daisy and Pindar. Nor ought I to have forgotten Ayrshire with Eventail, a nice filly belonging to his Royal High- ness the Prince of Wales, whose champion Sandringham, Persim- mon's brother, has yet to emerge (I trust successfully) from the dark Buy Crixivan Online division. There is another dark colt, about whom rumour has been busy, and that is Birken- head, by Orme out of Tragedy, in Darling's stable. In running through the list of our most promising three-year- olds I may have unintentionally omitted some deserving ones, but I fear a large or very promising Derby field cannot be culled there- from. Unfortunately, Caiman is only engaged in the Two Thousand Guineas and St. Leger. Our two-year-old sheet has yet 172 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [March to be filled up, but expectations will run high when the young Isinglasses and Ravensburys ap- pear on the scene, and the young Carbines, Trentons and Carnages will also be exceedingly interesting in their debuts, seeing that their performances will go far to show whether the return of these sires to the old country is likely to prove a blessing to the Turf or not. On the spring handicaps it would ill become me to hazard an opinion, except to say that their framers have apparently done their work with the greatest care, and the puzzle set them by certain stables, who lay themselves out for this class of race and enter their whole fleet, is a very difficult one. It would appear as if Rob- inson's and Watson's stables com- manded the situation, although Darling may have a rod in pickle in Kendal Boy, seeing how well